Why i chose to shoot film


This blog is dedicated to my re association with analog film encompassing it’s romance, excitement and unpredictability.

I’ve been shooting professionally for close to 20 years now and it that time have witnessed the demise of film and the uptake of digital capture as it was thrust upon society. The demise i speak of was in my own little world shooting for corporate and commercial clients, the artist and passionate landscape photographer on the other hand have thankfully never succumbed.


Whilst travelling this rather large continent i’ve photographed many spectacular scenes but not as a landscape photographer, rather a ‘photographer in the landscape’. I’ve returned home with digital files that still reside upon my hard drives, unclear of their destiny. Sorting through them and adjusting in post production all seems much like my standard working week, so where to from here?

If i slow the process down and place ‘personal value’ on what i’m shooting will it make a difference? If i scout a location knowing that i only have a few frames to capture the scene in the best possible light with no digital darkroom to assist, will it make a difference? If utilise my now inherent skills to ‘see’ light and adjust accordingly at one given moment will it make a difference? Will the hand processing of black and white negatives inspire me to produce works of art? Time will tell!


The cameras:

Camera’s chosen for my journey are a Mamiya C330, Fuji G617, Horseman 45FA.


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